Arieh Smith

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Hi, my name's Ari. I make cool software in New York City. I work at this sweet startup called Plated. I used to do the models and bottles life at a hedge fund. Oh, and I speak pretty good Chinese, too.

I'm passionate about good design, I'm down with Rails, and I love JavaScript, especially when running on Node and Backbone.

Check out some of what I've done after the jump. Click the images to enlarge.

Localy link

Node.js & Backbone.js, October 2014

  • Node.js map-based chat app
  • Runs server with Node, Express, and to implement multi-room group local, neighborhood, and remote chat
  • Uses HTML5 geolocation to place users on a Mapbox and Leaflet-built map
  • Hooks into PostgreSQL database with SQL query builder Knex.js and ORM Bookshelf.js
  • Backbone-built event management system allows modular, black-box design

Topaz linkgithub

Ruby on Rails & Backbone.js, July 2014


See suggested demo steps here. Be sure to sign in (as demo user) first!

  • Rails and Backbone.js-based single-page clone of the popular business news site Quartz with Medium-style blogging features
  • Implements site-wide infinite scroll built on top of Kaminari and firing custom SQL queries
  • Utilizes Redis to maintain full page-level article cache, refreshing on database changes
  • Uses custom-built Markdown-based text editor with live HTML text and image preview, allowing for automated text selection and instantaneous AJAX uploading and rendering
  • Live searches and highlights full article text with prioritized PgSearch query

Asteroids linkgithub

HTML5 canvas & JavaScript, June 2014


Control ship with arrow keys and fire with spacebar.

  • Smoothly renders animated images and background with HTML5 canvas and JavaScript in full-screen browser view
  • Binds keys with Keymaster.js to implement arctangent-based ship rotation and constant-speed bullet firing
  • Fends off enemies with flaming footballs

Flappy Bird linkgithub

HTML5 canvas & JavaScript, July 2014


Control bird with arrow keys.

  • Side-scrolling, tropical-themed Flappy Bird clone with custom gravity
  • Game difficulty increases with game length
  • Maintains scores in PostgreSQL database, querying and updating main content modal with custom jQuery template framework

Findr linkgithub

Ruby on Rails & Bootstrap, May 2014

  • Queries NYC Open Data to find free WiFi locations in NYC closest to given address
  • Caches Google Geocoding and Distance Matrix API results in database

Trellino linkgithub

Ruby on Rails & Backbone, June 2014

  • A (very!) light Rails/Backbone clone of the organizer app Trello
  • Utilizes JavaScript Masonry grid library to maintain fluid grid layout (try horizontally resizing the page!)

Checkers github

Ruby, May 2014

  • Graphical, object-oriented, console-based Ruby checkers implementation
  • Integrates with custom-built AI for one-level deep board search

Chess github

Ruby, May 2014

  • Graphical, object-oriented, console-based Ruby chess implementation
  • Implements AI with open-source chess engine Stockfish binaries